Widows Pass Through A Spiritual Journey!

Widows  Pass Through A Spiritual Journey


To say the least, Widows Pass Through a Spiritual Journey! It is really explained in my book; Stand In Your Anointment – This Too Shall Pass!!! available on Amazon.com. You can read the first few pages  by following the link below.



The following is an excerpt to from that same book:

“Yes, this is work. It will take all you have to get through.  I personally do not drink or smoke; nor do I like the effect that prescription medications have on my body. So over time, I have learned how to help myself by employing treatment modalities and techniques. Some of them are aromatherapy, herbal teas, natural remedies, and meditation. You will find what works the best for you. Just know that they are no substitute for taking all of your burdens and heartaches to the Lord and spending time there with Him. These are just some practical things that will help you as you are going through. You will get advice from everywhere, and as this is  a time of extreme vulnerability, I just want to caution you to watch and pray over everything, and everyone for that matter. ”

Widows Pass Through a Spiritual Journey is another way for me to accomplish my  goal in  to help you, or someone you know to Journey Through Widowhood  on their own terms.  I want to help in as many ways as I can.  Scroll down for other offerings from me, and for sure, I will update this post soon!

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