Why Wash Your Hands?

Why Wash Your Hands?


Why wash your hands, is both the question and the answer to impede, and prevent the spread of both viral and bacterial infections for both the  healthy and the not so healthy!!!

The Center for Disease Control also asks the question, Why Wash Your Hands, and says it like this, “Clean hands help prevent infections. Many diseases are spread by not cleaning your hands, which is especially dangerous when you’re getting chemotherapy treatment because your body may not be able to fight off infections like it used to. You and anyone who comes around you, including all members of your household, your doctors, and nurses, should clean their hands frequently. Don’t be afraid to ask people to clean their hands. Use soap and water to wash your hands. If soap and water aren’t available, it’s OK to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.”

The Video Below will explain the importance too of asking the question why wash your hands,  much better than I can!       Please Watch It!!

Germs are everywhere, all varieties of them; viruses, bacteria and fungi. Everywhere!

Now, how about:

– Washing your hands for 30 seconds!

– Grabbing that paper towel to open the bathroom door when you leave out the


– Asking others to wash their hands before providing service of any kind to you,

restaurants and hospitals alike

– Carrying around that little bottle alcohol based hand sanitizer

Please be considerate; our mothers were right! Cover your mouth when you sneeze! And especially so around persons who are sick!!! We will all be much better off for it!!  Thank You!!! And below is a link to an article from the CDC about preventing infections in Cancer Patients which will too talk about the questionWhy Wash Your Hands,

Why Wash Your Hands

Why Wash Your Hands

is so important!



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