Those Were Days; A Matter of the Heart

Those Were Days; A Matter of the Heart

A Matter of the Heart is all about heart matters as in Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be. Yes, those were days, and I am sure you remember  that little song that was always sung somewhere in all of our childhoods.

I am sure your memory of it is just as plain as my own. Didn’t you love singing it?  In fact, I am sure about now, you are going through your mind at least and gathering up the string we used to move from finger to finger. And also getting your hands together to clap and pat to  Ms. Mary Mack Mack Mack, all dressed in black, black Black with silver buttons buttons bouttons all down her back, back  back!

Yes guys, when you weren’t running around with your GI Joe’s and your pretending to shoot with your little fake pistols, it is ok to admit it, you played it too!

Yes, these were the fun times somewhere in our lives!!!   All we had to do was is to do our chores, before we went out to play, come home before dark, do your homework, eat and sleep.  But now when we are all grown up, it seems like the things we were taught, somehow do not fit right.  It almost feels like, that what our people, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends taught us was wrong. Perhaps, even misguided in their suggestions to us and for us.  Perhaps, maybe it was or now is just that their way of thinking just doesn’t suit/fit ours.

If only there was a  guidebook of some sort! One that would help us in the  understanding of theirs and our own emotions, and  reactions to things. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a guidebook, but at least a system then with which to help us to figure this type of things out.  Something so that a person doesn’t find themselves at such a disadvantage in life.

Something to help so that we won’t spend so much time in trying to figure out those matters of the heart.  So that we won’t end up blaming one another for the “missteps” in our lives.

The truth of this matter of the heart is that there is!  Let’s find a way to love one another and stay in harmony with one another with this simple truth, “I am not you and you are not me.”   What works for one will not work for another.  Yes in general, and on some level, all things can work for everybody.  And that is where the similarity ends so to speak.

Comparatively, you won’t need an “artificial heart” if you take care of your own. They do work mind you, but the need for them comes about when something happens to the natural heart.  And as Dr. Jarvik came to discover; ” Another advantage of the Jarvik 7 is that it adjusts the pumping of the right and left sides of the heart independently, permitting optimal filling and ejection on each side. The AbioCor, on the other hand, alternately pumps the right and left sides, filling one while emptying the other. Its design does not permit independent right/left control and therefore can force blood into the lungs at an excessively high pressure, to harming lung function. “Almost all AbioCor patients who survived the surgery have required respirators for a month or two,” Dr. Jarvik says, “whereas Jarvik 7 patients are usually off the respirator within a few days.” (Source – Internet).

Yes, everybody will have something to say or add to what you do, but you are the original and you will need to find what works for you.  Perhaps, a little NLP, Hypnotherapy , Arometherapy or something to help you perfect the who you are.


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