The Brain and the Nervous System

The Brain and the Nervous System and the Run to Remember the Mnemonics

Cranial Nerves and all! A time tested Mnemonic for it has been, “On Old Olympus’ Towering Top, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops”

In the brain and nervous system, there are 12 cranial nerves, and they are:

  • I – Olfactory nerve
  • II – Optic nerve
  • III – Oculomotor nerve
  • IV – Trochlear nerve/pathic nerve
  • V – Trigeminal nerve/dentist nerve
  • VI – Abducens nerve
  • VII – Facial nerve
  • VIII – Vestibulocochlear nerve/Auditory nerve
  • IX – Glossopharyngeal nerve
  • X – Vagus nerve
  • XI – Accessory nerve/Spinal accessory nerve
  • XII – Hypoglossal nerve

Another look at the brain and the nervous system is in the pictures that follow.

Perhaps I can interest you in  this.  In that we all have them, why not remember them by associating them to  their functions in our bodies!

The  Cranial Nerves are:

I  –  Olfactory       –  you have one                            (I)    – 

II  – Optic              –  you have two                            (II)  –  

III – Oculomotor   –  your two eyes                              (III) –  ←↑→↓

IV – Trochlear      – still the eyes                                  (IV) –←↑→↓

V   –   Trigeminal   – three t’s teeth, tongue, tonsils      (V) –   

VI  –  Abducens     – a look from side to side                    (VI) –  →←

VII – Facial       – 7th Heaven to look at His face           (VII)  –  

VIII  – Vestibulocochlear  There is an ear in there         (VIII) –    

IX –      Glossopharyngeal – in the pharynx                    (IX) –

X –        Vagus    -wonder where this goes                    (X)      

XI   –     Accessory nerve – Shrug your Shoulder          (XI) –    

XII –      Hypoglossal –Stick out your tongue                (XII)

Remeber now, your body is always with you and a good way to remember anything is by association. All of our information that we have is connected in some way or another with some other information.  If you can remeber one thing, than you will remember what it is associated with.

Now, let us do some easy deep breathing here to release that build up of stress:

  1. Get Comfortable
  2. Breath in to the count of two allowing your stomachto expand outward
  3. Now, breathe out slowly to the count of 4 while pulling your stomach to  help move the air out of your lungs, and repeat three to four  more times to provide yourself with fresh oxygen throughout your body and  able to function in a more precise fashion. Now free form the worries and pains of memorizing the crainal nerves.

Louise Malbon-Reddix MPC,RN,CCRN

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