Facts About Alcohol and Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Facts About Alcohol and Teenage Alcohol Abuse:

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See Facts About Alcohol and Teenage Alcohol Abuse in the table below:

  • A child has a 40 – 50% chance of becoming chemically dependant if one parent is and about an 80% chance if both parents are alcohol dependant.
  • Alcohol has been involed in  up to 90% of child abuse.  Alcohol and other drug use was cited as a major propblem  in  57% of sexually abusive families.
  • About 40 to 50% of alcohol-dependant and othr drug-dependent women are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • About one fourth of school children live in houmes where one or both parents have an alcohol health problem.
  • Two of five Americans will be nvolved in alcohol-related car crashes in their lifetime if nothing is done about alcohol-using drivers.
  • Alcohol is still the top killer of all drugs in the United States.  Approximately 200,000 Americans will die this year because of alcohol use and/or dependancy.
  • Alcoholic parents cause immeasurably long and adverse effects on their children.  Children of alcoholic parents don’t trust – don’t feel – don’t talk because they feel they have caused their parents’ alcoholism.  Twenty-eight million Americans have at least one alcoholic parent.
    • The following information is available on the Centers for Disease Control Website:
      • Facts about Fetal  Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
      • 5 things you should know about drinking alcohol during pregnancy
    • Health Care Provider’s can find information on/from :
      • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
      • On-line Training
      • Brochures, Fact Sheets and Transcripts
      • State Statistical Data
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  • Adolescent alcohol use, problems, and dependency are more prevalent in families when parental permission is granted to use alcohol.
  • Thirty-seven percent of high school seniors have consumed five or more alcoholic dringks in a row in the past two weeks.  Fifty percent of seniors use alcohol daily and 6% are alcohol dependent or have alcoholism.  The majority of these adolescents drive care, mopeds, etc.
  • Thirty-seven million Americans are victims of crime each year:
    • Six million of these were victims of violent crimes
    • Four Million of these were victims of interpersonal family abuse and home violence
    • One and a half milion of these were children and adolescents subjected to intrafamily physical and sexual abuse
  • Yealy, 1.5 million adolescents become runaways, 8.5% of them because of physical and sexual abuse.
  • The U.S. Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have proclaimed family violence to be anational public health problem in need of immediate medical intervention.

The above facts are presented here to provide another resource to enhance awareness of the effects of alcohol on our children.  Alcohol and drugs change the way the brain functions. And more specifically those areas of the brain that control decision-making and emotions, teen growth and development can be affected by their use.

The stage of adolescence is difficult enough for our Teens and when you add to that now, substance abuse of alcohol and drugs, is it a wonder that our teens have difficulty establishing their identity, developing relationship skills, gaining emotional stability, and preparing for an independent and productive future.

  • Please see the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey Tool Below. The National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) monitors priority health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death, disability, and social problems among youth and adults in the United States.

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Substance abuse  affects memory and learning, which can harm a teen’s performance in school. Perhaps the most significant danger of teen substance use is that it can progress, sometimes rapidly, from expermintion to addiction.

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