Stand In Your Anointment

By now, everyone knows that I have published a book and it’s title is:

Stand In Your AnointmentThis Too Shall Pass!! You can read the first few pages of it by going to this link and buy it there:

A most  amazing discovery to make is that Ms. Yolanda Adams has a song out with whose title is This Too Shall Pass!  Even more amazing is that when you watch the video, the sentiments of it and my book are akin to those in her video.  She in song and I in word/book are conveying a message along the same lines! Stuff is going to happen in your life! And for a minute it can, did you hear what I said, it can and it will stop you if you do not Stand In Your Anointment;  then realize that “And This Too Shall Pass!”


I in writing this book have endured through some pretty hard things in life and I just want everyone to know that you can do it, and I am here and wrote it all down to make sure that someone else going through such hardships in life might have a beacon out there somewhere to help guide them through those terrible time in life.

Now I did try to contact the Yolanda Adams Morning Show to aprise Ms. Adams of my book.  Red tape is every where as you know, but I have a cry in my soul that I have to get out; this praise report of how the Lord has helped me through to Stand In Your Anontment – This Too Shall Pass!!


And yes I do listen to the Yolanda Adams Morning Show and following the advice of Bishop Secular in trying to get this out another way, don’t blame me for being “Secular for  2 minutes!”


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