Singing To Get The Medications Right!

Singing to Get The Medications Right!

Singing, yes singing to music videos at that will help a Nurse remember the Medication Clasifications right, and not only right, but will be a time saving measure as well.  As you commit things to memory, less time will be spent and taken to look up medications.  Yes, so as that classic movie Singing in the Rain is so memorable as Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds were doing just that, Singing in the Rain!

Singing to get the Medications right is something nurses can have fund doing as they have to find ways to make sure they can maintain and keep their licenses. Medication Errors are a leading cause of patient death. No one wants to carry that big burden!!  So singing to get the medications right is just plain easier to remember.

Patient Education is a big Nursing Responsibility and the more you have committed to memory, the easier even the teaching can be. Patient trust will be established easily as they will know that you  are not only professional, but knowledgeable as well.

Learning by Music Videos is a phenomenon of today.  See the Video Below, and start singing to get your medication classifications correct. Having a little fun makes learning a little easier to boot!!!

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