The Power of Images – Pictures as they say are worth a thousand words! !

Power of Images

Pictures as they say are worth a thousand words! Touched, I was by a picture that I saw in the 1980’s of A woman with her child in her arms as she was walking over used hypodermic needles with the phrase under it “I Care!”  Truly in a few words, that picture is very deep. That picture has stuck with me, after all of those years, and today I want someone to know how powerful the power of images is in that I to care about us all!!

Hurricane Katrina taught us, that they will not be able to come for us for three days. That means,  we need to be self sufficient for at least 3 days!!! Terrible picture, but did we learn the lesson? Just in case, please check out this website It will help you to prepare for those emergencies.

Recently the power of images came through in a picture on Facebook.  It inspired me with what I plan to be a series of writings to inspire us to take what we know and have learned from our lives and use it to help us to improve ourselves!

Each edition will have a theme and also suggestions on how to use what we should have learned and translate that into something to help us to improve ourselves in some way.  OK, the Truth be told here.

Besides my  struggles in life, I have seen the struggling of my children and others through their lives.  Some of it is because of education and some of it is because we have not availed ourselves of all the the things we could to help us through.  I have learned some therapeutic techniques like NLP and hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy® and wish I had earlier. It would have helped me to help my children and others through their times of  learning problems and other trials.

Perhaps they wouldn’t have been considered as hard to teach or discipline problems in school. The most compelling thing that pretty much catapulted me into action of helping others in any way I can was the death of my husband.

If only you knew my husband.  He was the sweetest man. Heart of gold. No lie! This one would give you his last bite and smile while doing it. He could make beauty out of anything, loved flowers, they were everywhere! This one soul filled with so much goodness, love and care for others was not able to enjoy the succor and sweetness that he provided for others in his life,  as he didn’t want others to know he had difficulties.

I can now say to God, thank you for the opportunity  and the time you gave me with this precious man, and I will perserve the powerful images. The power of the images of love and life he left me with, and use them to help others with their journeys in this life.   And can I borrow a phrase; “By any means necessary!” Legal of course, but with all I have to help others to be all that they can be.

Sometimes it is just a word! Yes, a word can unlock you. Other times, it is some reading material, a bath, a cup of tea, a massage, an image and the like to help a person to break through to reach their final destination.

Look for these little tiny power packed publications to start soon, and look through the website!! It is being built and updated as we speak.

And here is a recent update:; I like the image and as we are speaking on the Power of Images, see if this calculator can be of some benefit to you. Everyone will make their own choice, and you can’t say it does not talk about both candidates!

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