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Hypnosis Training, is to learn that hypnosisis is nothing more than a restful state of conscious awareness, more simply speaking, where you learn to just relax.

Unfortunately, some people believe hypnosis to be an evil phenomenon, in fact demonic. The truth is simply speaking, relaxing. In other words, hypnosis is a state whereby a person can receive a direct signal, which then allows and leads to the making of better decisions and feeling better.

It is as we take a look back at when we were learning how to drive. But after a while, after repeating all of the steps over and over again, you just got in the car, start it up and go.No more, step – 1, insert key; step – 2 put foot on brake; Step- 3 turn key in ignition, and further on down the list we go. No one has to instruct you about how to drive anymore.

It has become second nature so to speak. Another way to say that is that the same part of your mind that helps you to breathe while you are asleep or that keeps your heart beating has learned through the repetition of those steps and is now helping you with that driving!

Make no mistake, it doesn’t always take the mind a long time to learn something, as it does to learn to drive. This part of your mind is there also for your safety! It knows how to repond very quickly when it needs to.

Now we don’t blush just to blush, but let something embarass you; instantly, you blush. All you need to do is think about that situation, and immediately, you blush again. Or, if something frightens you, you avoid repetition of that at all cost. And when something is funny to you, you laugh, and if you think of it again, you laugh again.

When these things have happened, your experience is changed. Your mind has received a clear message and it responded to the same. And this is also how hypnosis works. What you need to understand is that all the unconscious mind needs is a clear message about what you want from it.This is all that hypnosis is, sending a clear message to the unconscious mind. And hypnosis can help with many situations and needs in the same way like:

  • If you’re a smoker, change how you feel about cigarettes
  • If you’re trying to lose weight, change how you feel about fatty and sugary foods
  • If you dislike public speaking, change how you feel about that
  • Exercise
  • Achieving
  • How about yourself – what is it that you want to change

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