How to Promote Your Business

How to Promote your Business

How to promote your business is in pages that can be found as you  visit the White House Web Site on their Champions for Change page. The White House also very recently showed a live stream presentation on,  “How to Promote Your Business From the Ground,” of which some of the content there was on the usage of Social Media and networking with others at the local Chambers of Commerce and more.  After which, the person who  gives emminates for us and the White Houses, the Definition of CEO Extraordinaire! Mr. Andrew Yang. He is now the Founder and President of Venture for America.  A White House Champion for Change. Mr. Yang says, “Venture for America was inspired by many of my own experiences as an entrepreneur. I co-founded a company when I was 25 years old.  And though  I grew a lot during that time I didn’t have the skills or wherewithal to build a successful business.  My first company failed, with our investors losing everything. After this first failure, I was determined to learn some of what I didn’t know.  I worked for 5 years supporting more experienced and established founders, eventually becoming the CEO of a company that went on to be acquired.”

Additionally, a Job Creation Incentives Bill H. R. 3630 has been passed and contained in Section 2124 is the paragraph on  Assistance and Guidance in Implementing Self Employment Programs.  “In General – For purposes of assisting States in establishing, improving, and administering self-employment assistance programs, the Secretary shall -” …

Dr. King said,  “This idea of the dignity  and worth of human personality is expressed eloquently and unequivocally in the Declaration of Independence. ‘All men’ it says, ‘are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ Never has a sociopolitical document proclaimed more profoundly and eloquently the sacredness of human personality.”

The sacredness of their human personality is just the issue here for me! I carry a gnawing pain in my heart for my late husband; Richard Reddix; Sr. who passed from this life before we were able to complete his life long dream of obtaining his High School Diploma. This one soul filled with so much goodness, love and care for others was not able to enjoy the succor and sweetness that he provided for others in his life, as he didn’t want others to know he had difficulties.

There is  no wish to go back to those days of so many children being in the one crowded classroom in Rockville, Maryland.  So many,  that when the teacher came around to him, she just didn’t have time to give him any “personalized” attention. His words, not mine, but they hurt, none the less.  We have been there before, and we must not return, but rather use it as a platform, from which  we must launch from.

This man’s eyes and face lit up to tell me that he was able to take a car apart and put it back together, all with his own two hands. Talented hands. His hands were his gift. And those same eyes became saddened and his head hung low when he told me he didn’t know math. The retort came from me of;  “Yes, you do know math! You may have trouble with the fractions and decimals and all of that, but from a practical stand point, there is no way that you could have taken a car apart and put it back together without some math!” I never meant to come across that strong!

However, being trained in NLP, and seeing the color come back to his face and his countenance change, or rather shift as stated in NLP; clearly he had broken through the “boundary” of what was a major problem for him! His posture changed, and he stood a little taller. He was so proud to learn that he knew math.

Let’s face it, everyone is not college bound.  Vocational Programs have been stripped from the  school curricula. Students are still being expelled at an alarming rate. All of them are not truly discipline problems. They just don’t have the tools they need to help them to display positive attributes of behavior. Tools that will help them with that behavior and give them tools and resources for it.  I am so hoping and wishing for the techniques of  Neurolinguistic Programming to become a part of the school curricula in some near future date.  Some for sure are trying to hide their disabilities with fidgity, while others laugh out when they feel inferior.  All behaviors if not seen through the right lense will be offensive to some, most.

Well somehow we got over, but now we need to get through. and perhaps learning now how to start your own business and promote your own business is a little easier today than just a little time back.  The first thing is to get  a webpage up, and before that even have the Social Media working, Google, Twitter and Facebook, Youtube, all up and working.  Be nice to everybody, Be your best advertisement for your business. Do as they said on the Live Stream from the White House.  Join your chamber of commerce, become a good citizen, in your community. Let’s learn about Key Words and SEO.

And look for the free workshop to be offered by Victory Road Wellness Center in the very near future that will offer both; techniques for managing your neurophysiology as well as how to build your business from the ground up and up you go as well! We want to help you find your gift!!!!

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