Healing with Prayer – More Science Help to Explain Complimentary Therapies

Healing with Prayer – More Science Help to Explain Complimentary Therapies


Healing with prayer has just obtained even more credibility as an effective tool for healing, something that has long been known by some of us. And there is more science help available for it too! And this from a very reputable physician, Dr. Larry Dorsey who has produced a YouTube video on the same and it is embedded here in this article for easy access to it.

Healing with prayer, and yes, there is also  science help to explain Complimentary Therapies. There is a favorite old hymn that has been sung by many called “Shackled by a heavy burden, ‘neath a load of guilt and shame, then the Hand of Jesus Touched me, and now I am no longer the same.” And yes, Elvis Presley sang Gospel Songs! (See Video Below)

And yes, if a touch receptor is stimulated by something painful, and then right after is touched by something comforting, the  message that the brain receives is one of touch;  and not so much pain. and now add the effects of the healing that occurs when we now add Healing with Prayer!!!!(Oh, He touched me, Oh He touched me and Oh, the joy that fills my soul! Something happened and now I know, He touched me and made me whole!)That pain stimulus is blunted out by the comfort stimulus. I don’t know if we consciously know this, but instinctively almost, we rub and rub or blow and blow on our boobo’s when we bump our elbow or stub our toe. This is know as the Gate Control Theory, that was  first proposed in 1965.  It essentially says that the brain can only pay attention to one stimulus or message at a time.And mommy’s kisses work magic for anything that hurts!  The rub, the blow and the kiss, all blunt the pain signal to the brain from the pain stimulus, and this we experience a lesser amount of pain.This too is the mechanism underlying the use of the Rife Machine for pain control. The Rife Machine is similar to the T.E.N.S machine that is used to provide or override a stimulus for pain control. If you have ever been in a car accident and have had “soft tissue” or “muscle injuries”, the Physiatrist or Physical therapist has used one on you.Another positive here is the simultaneous release of natural chemicals in the body; called endorphins from the lesser amount of pain felt or the extra love you feel from mommy’s kisses! These help to avoid the release of epinephrine, that stress hormone that starts the fight or flight response! The Stress Response is demonstrated in the picture below.

But wait now, and how much more now will the effects of the release of the natural chemicals in the body be now when we add on the effects of Healing with Prayer!!!Other scientific evidence can be found in the Cochran Reviews, an internationally recognized agency known for their  high standards in the review of  “Evidence Based Health Care Information. And now we can add the Science help of the scientific studies mentioned in Dr. Dorssey’s YouTube Video!!!Nursing, my profession, has now recognized “Energy Healing Techniques” such as Therapeutic Touch in the 2005 – 2006 year! And there is even a NANDA – North American Nursing Diagnosis Association approved diagnosis for it!!! “Energy Field Disturbance.” This is so good for me who has been using Therapeutic Touch long before it was an approved modality by the Nursing Profession. And Guided Meditation too!!!  Subsequent to learning Guided Meditation and Guided Imagery, I also become a Hypnotherapist, all  to help  those who need help outside of the hospital!!!And, I saved the best for last!!! Registered Nurses have to perform a Comprehensive Health Assessment of all of their patients; from head to toe!!! And from that to develop a plan of care using the NANDA diagnoses. Over time, 30 years for me; and  in nurses’ speak, your “gut” begins to talk to you. Mommy’s call it intuition, or even mother-wit. Some people in general refer to it as a “6th” sense. Science help for me finally!!! It is called the Chaos Theory;  the study of the behavior of dynamical systems (non-linear systems) that are highly sensitive  to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the “butterfly effect.”  Derived from the effect of a butterfly’s actions upon the weather. Failing to take into account a butterfly flapping its wings in a distant country could cause you not to be able to predict a thunderstorm over a certain area in several weeks.And, bio-electromagnetism which is the ability of living cells, tissues, and organisms to produce electrical fields and to respond to those bio-electromagnetic fields.All of this to say, that there are many tools of Complimentary Therapies used here at  Victory Road Wellness Center:

  • Healing With Prayer
  • Aromatherapy
  •  Hypnotherapy
  •  Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Time Line Therapy
  •  Energy Freedom Technique
  •  and more…

More, as techniques are individualized for each and every person!There is no need to suffer anymore!  Come out, Come out from wherever you are! Wherever you are in your process, know that you can come and get the help that “you” need to get you turned around and get back to that place of Victory!!!

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