Grief Counseling or Good Grief!

Grief Counseling or  Good Grief!


For sure one could go for Grief Counseling. But Good Grief consists of going through the 5 stages of grief.  You do know what they are, don’t  you? Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross pioneered methods in the support and counselling of personal trauma, grief and grieving, associated with death and dying. She is a well beloved role model for many.  I have some of her works in my personal library. She also dramatically improved the understanding and practices in relation to bereavement and hospice care. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

“While death and dying are for many people the ultimate trauma, people can experience similar emotional upsets when dealing with many of life’s challenges, especially if confronting something difficult for the first time, and/or if the challenge happens to threaten an area of psychological weakness, which we all possess in different ways. One person’s despair (a job-change, or exposure to risk or phobia, etc) is to another person not threatening at all. Some people love snakes and climbing mountains, whereas to others these are intensely scary things. Emotional response, and trauma, must be seen in relative not absolute terms. The model helps remind us that the other person’s perspective is different to our own, whether we are the one in shock, or the one helping another to deal with their upset.”  Being an Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner now, one of the tenet’s of NLP is to “Respect the other persons model of the World”,  which simply says that we all go through things on our own terms. Having said such though, there are some generalities that can be said about grief which applies to all persons. How they do their grief, is altogether their own, but certainly, there are things that all of us go through and in an order that is uniquely our own. But we all end up on acceptance!

The 5 stages of grief have been defined as:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

When you get to Acceptance, you have a lot more control of your emotional state and can do things in a very rational and productive manner!  I mean Good Grief! And that consists of many things, inclusive of and especially if grief lingers around for a long time, just get on up and do something! Writing a book is a good one! I have done that now with Christian Publishers – Xulon Press Book Publishing Company.  Perhaps you can work on a project as well to give a lasting monument and tribute to

Grief Counseling or Good Grief - front cover to Stand in Your Anointment, This Too Shall Pass your loved one, which I have also done. Instead of just sitting around and saying woe is me,  sometimes, you have to help that lingering pall of grief to just move itself on up and out of your life, which is in itself, grief counseling and good grief all at the same time!

You have to then focus in on something else besides your self and the things that are going on around you which are really more or less out of your control.  That depression stage can set in rather quickly and can take you to places that you really don’t want to go to.  I was offered to take medications on numerous occasions to help me through the awful times of grief. But my faith in God and literally just allowing the process to go through to its final stage – Acceptance is what I did.

My goal here is twofold, to let you know that I have been through a horrific tragedy! This one would have been a zinger to anyone’s emotions and is described out fully in this book.  All of it, because all of it needed to be said. I didn’t leave out any of the ugly details. this book explains all of the stages of grief and so much more.  I want to help you through to your breakthrough so you can go on with what God put you here for living!


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