Fireworks Safety

Fireworks Safety is spread out as a Safety Month in both June and July, so either is correct and in both preventing injuries from fireworks is of paramount importance!


#July4 tip: If there is a risk of wildfires in your area, DO NOT use fireworks. Follow any local fireworks bans in your area.

— FEMA (@fema) July 3, 2012



June to July 4th is National Fireworks Safety month. It is an imoortant of enough issue to be spread out over 2 months.  Fireworks Safety (or lack of) is a big problem.  Statistics that can be found through a search of the The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reveal that around  9,000 to 10,000 people are  treated a year for firework related injuries. The numbers only account for those  injuries  reported by hospitals. The total number of injuries can only be estimated as so many more go unreported.

Including safety measures to use when handling fireworks can and would prevent a lot of injuries. Education in these matters is so important as it pertains to personal safety.  Fireworks can display spectacular designs of many colors and shapes these days.  Technology has advanced and it has been applied to fireworks, and we see it in the new abilities of these fireworks.


Only 5 states do not allow consumers to purchase fireworks for personal use. These five states are located on the east coast and one of them is Maryland. Please be aware of your state laws prior to purchasing any fireworks.

Below you can find a list of some basic safety measures to observe when using fireworks:

  1. Buy fireworks from reliable dealers; buying fireworks from a guy who is selling them from his trunk is not a good idea!
  2.  Make sure you read all the directions and follow them as well. You are using explosives so it is important you know what you should do.
  3. Use fireworks outdoors only.
  4.  Water should be located near by. Preferably from a source  that has a continuous use such as a garden hose.  Not just a bucket of water!!!
  5.  A responsible Adult should always be present and children should not be allowed to play with fireworks.
  6. Light one fireworks at a time!
  7. Do not point them at other people.
  8. Do not carry them in your pocket or pocketbook.
  9. Do not carry fireworks in your pocket, backpack or purse!
  10. Soak fireworks thoroughly before discarding them.
  11. Protect your eyes with safety wear when using fireworks.
  12. Watch fireworks from a safe distance away.
  13. Wear ear protection to protect your ears from the loud sounds.

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Pretty Fireworks

Fireworks are pretty, but must be used with extreme care!



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