A Wifes Lament – Yes and More!

A Wifes Lament – Yes and More!

Yes, I have a wifes lament. A wifes lament over the loss of the greatest love of my life still, yes I am! And before you tell me I need to go and find help for myself, let me explain just a little bit! This was my second marriage. The first ending in divorce for many reasons, also a wifes lament.

Let me describe, or rather have the dictionary define lamenting for you.  Lamenting – definition of Lamenting by the Free Online Dictionary  www.thefreedictionary.com/Lament v. la·ment·ed, la·ment·ing, la·ments. v.tr. 1. To express grief for or about; mourn: lamenta death. 2. To regret deeply; deplore: He lamented his thoughtless act

I know it is a lot, but it needs to be done every now and again!

A lot of people don’t talk about things, this I know.  It is called airing out your dirty laundry in my little part of the world/culture.  But when you stop and look around at the statistics of marriage and divorce, perhaps someone besides me should be talking about this type of thing! You can find those statistics anywhere you look, so I won’t be citing them here. My goal here is to, air some of that dirty laundry, not just to show it off or get it out, but hopefully to help someone get through.  And to do that successfully!!!


Sucessfully can mean many things to many people, this I know, too.  But can I say at least with sound mind and body, being a goal of the getting through. So many avenues could be picked too to go down in the discussion of this subject, for sure. So what I will do is start with myself and I invite you to contact me on or with the avenue that you wished I had gone down to speak about on this subject.  I am a listening for your contact too!


One of the worst things about the ending of my first marriage, is that when that marriage ended, so did my faith in men, marriage, life and so much more. I kept my religion though, sorely bruised, but it was working and it did keep me going through a hard time in my life.  I was left with 3 children to raise now on my own as a single parent, and to find a way to keep a household that was barely running on two incomes, now running on one.


Yes, it is here that I had to make decisions (crying decisions, because, not to be able to pay your bills hurts, and then people are loosing faith in you too. Your credibility as a person in society is dwindling down slowly) such as which utility to pay and keep on.  Well, the electricity won out! I could keep the house warm, cook and keep food in the refrigerator. With my keorosene heater and with some electric heaters too,  I could keep the pipes in the house from freezing in the winter time.  I and the children slept in the den with the kerosene heater.  We did what we had to do to survive.


Were there other options? Sure I had other options. I could have picked up and moved myself and my children home to mama. Did I mention that I had done that before, and had to come back because I could not work due to the time it takes to gain reciprocity for your license in another state. Let’s see, another option was to let the house go and to move into the cheaper apartments down the street.  The ones that had the drug dealers and the real to life shoot out wars right there!  I filed for welfare, but I made to much money and besides, Reagan and Bush had passed the Child support law, and you had to go and file for that, first before you could get Public Assitance. It took a few years for that to become a reality, because they couldn’t find my ex-husband who literally lived down the street and around the corner from me. Oh, did I mention that instead of working a regular job, I now had to work the equvalent of  three to keep what means I had going? Hmmm! Did I break the law and leave my children home alone a lot? Yes, I had to do it.  But I talked to them regularly on the phone!


The crock pot, I love that thing!!! It helped me to have home cooked and ready meals for my children every day!!! Put all of your ingredients in it and turn it on to slow cook and by the time the children get home, all they have to do is open the lid, and fix their plates and eat!!! I still turn it on from time to time for myself now, because cooking for one person is not a lot of fun!


Enough of that and let us fast forward now to my second marriage to Richard Reddix, Sr. in 2008! What a beautiful old soul y’all!!! Beautiful, and he sure did know how to treat a lady! Just think, sterotypes and so much more almost didn’t allow this meeting.  So when I tell you it must have been destiny, believe me. You can read all about my story and my marriage to him in my book Stand In Your Anointment – This Too Shall Pass, available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles too and of course from the Publisher Xulon Press.  Here is a ready link to it on Amazon –  http://www.amazon.com/author/louisempc


You will love the sory, I guarantee it, for in it you will see how this beautiful man restored my faith and confidence in men, marriage and so much more. He loved all that hell, right out of me! An example of that is the testing of our young marriage by haveing to pick another church to fellwship in, and that is in the book too! He, just took my hand and walked with me through this whole dilemna. Talk about chivalry, honey, it was not dead.  This man protected me, walked with me and did not let rain fall on my head! No joke, and no lie!  I still have that big umbrella with the black and white pattern all around it that he would come around to my side of the car and put up when it was raining!  Yes, if we were back in those times when the stage coach and horses were running, he  would have put his coat down in the mud to keep my shoes from getting mud on them.


A very precious soul, can’t you see, just from what I have said? Now isn’t he someone to be lamenting over? I miss him! One of the things that was a very prominnt feature in his life was his love for children!  He was a foster parent in Montgomery County, Maryland for many years and rescued many children from many situations in that way! And did adopt one too!!! Can you see this precious soul?


Well he left that and more with me!  Can I ask you to come along side of me and support me in my Summer Youth Activity?  Help me to keep the spark he left with me going and guide some children to along in their lives. All of the proceeds that I receive from my Avon business, which I started to make sure that it would be suitable for a start up business, will go towards my Summer Youth Activity – here is the link for you to learn more about that too!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/166911093472171/

You can look, good, smell good and help out my youth at the same time! I thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you!!!



Help a sister, a friend, a widow and most of all now, some youth!!! Here is the link to my Avon page too – http://www.youravon.com/lmalbon-reddix


See you there or somewhere on this great wide web!






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