A Beautiful You – Dealing with Bullies and Living a Life of Purpose

A Beautiful You – Dealing with Bullies and Living a Life of Purpose

A beautiful you is what you will find deep down within yourself when you deal with bullies in your life, whether they are bullies inside of yourself of low self esteem or depression or those other one’s in your life. Those in your work place, college, or where ever it is when life just simply gets to you and you feel like that there is not a way for you to go on. Not even to take another step.

Here, I want to encourage you, all young and old, alike. The truth here is is that life is still worth living. And I ask you to wait until you find that reason or purpose for living.  No one can tell you when that is going to be.  But you really do need to have love for yourself and keep your head up and move on through this life. Even when you do not know what is going on, how it is going to happen, or where. The thing to do is to get up and put one foot in front of the other, keep walking and trust that your purpose for living will come. And what you are going through today will pale to that moment.  Life is filled with ups and downs.

Temporary fixes don’t work. Feel your Pain and find your purpose. Trust me on this one. That time did come for me, when I didn’t know what I was going to do.  No one can tell you, because you are who you are, and life just doesn’t stay still and it keeps changing. So you have to know that, ” You So Beautiful” despite all of that! You will gain and you will loose, but keep your focus, and keep moving! If you stop and park in a no parking zone, you will get a parking ticket.  So it is in life. Don’t park in those places. Don’t stay there.Get up, get dressed, go on outside and you will find what you need for you.

Laying in the bed and staying in the dark does not help.  Keep it real! And keep it safe.  Some pain you do not have to have. That is worth repeating!! You do not have to have.  Safe sex, safe drinking,  and safe driving are worth campaigning for here. Yes, that will keep some pain out of your life.  Emotions are another story. We need to learn to control them and not turn them in ourselves.  Seek help if you need to. Nuffsaid fom me. And I am going to interject a little metaphor here for you; one that I received a few years back. NO PARKING! I had the good fortune of meeting Chaplain Paul Durbin, who is the Author of ; “A Guided Imagery For Letting Go of the Past” which I am going to share with you here.

You can see them in a number of places; in front of theaters, bus stops, fire hydrants, hotels, hospitals, loading zones, curves and shoulders of the highway. You can not travel far without seeing the familiar sign meaning, “No Parking.” One of the most persistnt warnings in trafic or in life is the danger of parking in the wron place.  Yet people go on parking in places where they should not. In traffic, the results may mean a ticket or an acident.  In life, we pay the penalty in arrested development, in stunted personality, in narrowed vision and in limited lives.

You can see a “No Parking” zone by failures

You can see a “No Parking” zone by fears

You can see a “No Parking” zone by anger and resentment

You can see a “No Parking” zone by religious experiences

You can see a “No Parking” zone by  the past.

A Guided Imagery For Letting Go Of The Past

Waterfall For Cleansing And Releasing The Past

Perhaps you can hear it better from Nick Vujicic who has certainly gone through a lot in his life, but has learned to live through life with his own unique set of circumstances imposed on his life, and if you need help, please remember that here at Victory Road Wellness Centers, there are many tools that can be used to help you through any rough areas in your life!!

No one can tell you how to live or what to do. But all things in time!

A Poem for Starting Over

I wish there was some wonderful place called the land of beginning again, wherre all our mistakes and all our heartaches, and all our selfish grief could be dropped like a shabby old coar at the door and never put on again.

There is a wonderful place of beginnng again and it is here and now. You ar influenced by your past, but you are not bound by your past. Yo can not change your past, but you canchange yor thoughts about the

past so it no longer has power over you. You can see  the “No Parking” signs and let go of adverse and negative conditioning from the past and refuse to allow the past to control your life today.  Look at the “No Parking” signs along the highway of life and move on th the more abundant life!!

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