Get Relief From Stress and Find Help for Inner Peace

Get Relief From Stress and Find Help for Inner Peace

Aromatherapy for relief from stress and find inner peace, to help you live in the present moment!...

Optimum Focus Detox Spa Foot Bath

Optimum Focus Detox Spa Foot Bath

The Optimum Focus Detox Spa Foot Bath is a gentle and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and...

The Spirit to Care and the Skill to Help

The Spirit to Care and the Skill to Help!

The Spirit to Care and the Skill to Help to Control Your Life

Through  A Holistic Healing Approach

Just when you think you have done it all and feel like there is no way possible to Control for Your Life, You have found it!  And yes you can Control Your Life Through A Holistic Healing Approach  here at Victory Road Wellness Center located in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Hello, I am Louise Malbon-Reddix, a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience and have added holistic modalities listed below to make this the place to come to make your life easier and more satisfying.  You will find that I have The Spirit to Care and the Skill to Help!

Tools Are Versatile,  But No One Tool Is Applicable For Every Situation!

10 Tools for the Non-Handy Person's Toolbox

Services to Help You Stay Stress and Worry Free!

No One Treatment Works for Everyone.

Come and Let’s Find the Right Tool for You!

NLP and NLP Coaching–  Utilizes technigues that help you make beneficial and profound changes in your life quickly through your own natural processes. ≈Confidence Building      ≈Relationship Counseling     ≈Fears≈Career Changes      ≈Worries      ≈Anxiety and More!
NLP and Hypnotherapy for Children≈Social Phobias   ≈School Phobias   ≈Anxiety    ≈Stress  ≈Low Self Esteem         ≈Learning Difficulties and More!
 Hypnotherapy – Deep Relaxation

≈ Eliminating Fears and Phobia  ≈Quit Smoking    ≈Weight Loss

 ≈Alcohol and Substance Abuse   ≈Insomnia     ≈Headaches

≈Sexual Dysfunction and More! 

 Time Line Therapy -To Help in the Release of the Effects of Negative Experiences and to Let Go of Past Experiences so you can Live in the Present!   ≈Reduce Fears     ≈Manage Anger       ≈Anxiety         ≈Apathy     ≈Chronic Illness and More!  (The following Video presents my Trainer’s in NLP-Dr’s.James) 
 Aromatherapy – Essential Oils and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering mood, cognition and and health issues.≈Live in the Present    ≈Reduce Fears    ≈Manage Anger   ≈Anxiety  ≈Apathy    ≈Chronic Illness and More!


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 Rife Machine Treatments- Revolutionary Medical device  that generates  frequencies that cause disease causing microorganisms to disintegrate.Helps to reduce symptoms of:≈Multiple Sclerosis     ≈Cancer     ≈Lyme Disease     ≈Chronic Pain

** This technology is not intended to prevent, diagnosis, treat or cure any disease/condition.  NO claims are made. If you are ill or in poor health, see a health care professional.**

 Optimum Focus Foot Detox- To Remove Toxins From the Body – Detoxification! Promotes ≈Weight Loss    ≈Raises Metabolism level      ≈Reduce Headaches ≈Extracts Chemicals from the Body    ≈Reduce Headaches      ≈Neck Aches and More


Do Not Stay In Pain for One More Minute! 

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The Spirit to Care and the Skill to Help

Walk In Broken – Walk Out In Victory!!



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